Vellum Wraps on Etsy

I am so excited to share all the fun things that are now live on the Etsy store and the collections will continue to grow with new products all the time! If you didn’t know, after 10 years of custom wedding invitations and stationery products I have expanded my design products into custom-made and semi-custom collections of items that can be used by more people and cover all types of budgets.

One of the products I have been having a lot of fun creating is vellum wraps/jackets. Vellum is a type of translucent paper that you can see through and brings beautiful texture and materials to a wide range of products.

I have been using vellum for a long time in wedding invitations, menus with gold foiling; overlays for invitations and save the dates, and much more. Vellum is a great material that you need to know how to work with and how to print on it. It takes professional printing to make the prints more successful but I digress.

Vellum has always been a great material but as I started creating my Etsy store I wanted to bring it to life and use it more on a wide range of products.

Well, here it is! I have fallen in love with vellum wraps because I get to consistently design new ideas, colors, patterns, and concepts for these beautiful wraps. Wraps are a perfect addition to a wedding invitation. Scratch that,  they can be used with any invitation from weddings to baby shower invitations, bridal showers, birthdays, holiday cards, and more! The possibilities are endless. And Yes, to clarify I can make custom sizes wraps to fit around Save the Dates or other sized products.

The newest addition to my vellum wrap collection is having designs printed with white ink. I will be adding more designs soon with white ink designs but these are considered specialty prints and they go best with invitations that are colored so the white ink pops off the vellum, so colors like black, dark blues, greens, even dark rose or dusty blues.

I love design in general but I also want most of my designs and products to have a functional component so they are more than just looks. Being a designer the brand and aesthetics matter to me and my clients/customers and I take pride in that. So my goal behind the Esty store was to have my brand cover beautiful design, and functional products and provide items that you can use that you are proud of and still made by a designer for any budget!

Vellum Wraps are so versatile and they can bring your invitations to life. You can finish them off with a wax seal, ribbon, twine, or any other creative element you would like. They are also functional because they wrap around your invitation and insert pieces keeping everything nicely together while providing a fun and beautiful presentation.

If you can’t tell I can talk about these pieces all day! Wraps have their own category in the shop called the “Vellum Wrap Shop” Check them out and if you have anything you would love to see in my shop please let me know I love finding new categories of products to add that come straight from my clients.

Xoxo | Jess