Vellum Stationery

Vellum is one of my favorite materials to work with. With its opaque qualities and its elegant appearance, it can be added to most projects to add depth, texture, and hierarchy. It is a great material for layering or to be the main piece. You can digitally print on it as well as having it foiled for a classic or luxurious feel. The material is versatile and can complement most themes from classic, modern, boho, and much more.

When vellum is printed it gives a soft and elegant print. Some people will use vellum with no printing on it for a vellum wrap/jacket to go around their invitation suite and use a ribbon or a wax seal to close the wrap.

It depends on what your vision or your vibe is on how you would approach using velum. Here are some examples of vellum uses in your wedding stationery products.

~ Vellum can be used as an invitation.

~ It can be used as a vellum wrap/jacket to place your invitation suite inside and it can be blank or printed with a complimentary design.

~ You can complete your look with wax seals or ribbons to keep the wrap closed and hold all your pieces inside.

  • ~ It can be used as a menu with or without place card names on it.
  • ~ It can be used as layering for a menu or a save the date.

The great thing about this material is you can easily break up your projects and still add the matching fonts, elements, and design for a consistent look while adding interesting and elegant components.

Keep in mind when looking for vellum from a stationer or on your own to find high-quality vellum and thicker vellum. Vellum can be a tricky material that can curl a little based on the environment and temperature. I tend to use thicker vellum card stocks for my clients so it looks elegant but has some weight to it.

Using vellum paper I would recommend having it professionally printed and work with a designer that understands the material to help you with the things that can and cannot be accomplished with this paper.

Vellum is a beautiful addition to your stationery products. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and we can discuss your stationery project.