Jess is a wedding invitation designer in Phoenix, AZ

hello gorgeous!

Thank you for being here! I‘m Jess | graphic designer | owner of Clove and Cedar 

I am a Creative. An Adventure Seeker. A Traveler. A Beach Lover. A Wife. A Momma. And a collector of moments. 

I believe in doing things full-heartedly and beyond what is expected. I am a strong believer in working hard but doing things you love. Life is too short, stay positive,  keep moving forward and let the good things grow. When you love what you are doing you are creating and living a better life and that is time well spent. 

Being a designer is something very special to me that has provided unexpected

paths while keeping my gratitude strong and my inspiration growing. Design is also about problem-solving, being intentional, and finding your rhythm. These are great tools for design and life as well. 

Being able to create beauty and functionality with design while building relationships with my clients truly makes me happy. 

Let’s talk business – Design and Business Owner 

I have Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and I have 9+ years of experience as a design studio owner. I graduated and started this from humble beginnings with a vision that has grown into a nationwide design business. 

Why Clove and Cedar? Cloves produce cozy aromas with a variety of flavors that influence how an experience feels. In design we create vibes, emotions, and feelings, using visuals, textures, colors, and layout. The organic vibes and aroma that Cedar trees and nature create is a reflection of the design style and personality of my studio. 

Can’t wait to chat with you! 


Jess Schuler Owner and Designer