Jess is a wedding invitation designer in Phoenix, AZ

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Leaf Flair

I have always been inspired by design, creating and crafting. I had a dream of using those talents to create stationery that speaks for the moments of life long memories. That dream led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, and the journey of what would become Clove and Cedar Paper Company was born. It began in a studio garage with a vision, a few designs and a passion for hard work. Over the course of the next several years, the dream and vision evolved, blooming into the business that I am so pleased to share with you today.

Why Clove and Cedar? Wedding Invitations and Stationery products are made to tell a story, whether it be a love story, a business story, or a growing family story with holiday cards or announcements. Each piece relays a chapter in life. Likewise, the name Clove and Cedar expresses our creative goals.

Cloves produce cozy aromas and flavors, setting the tone and adding a unique elegance and aura to the environment.

Cedar tells the story of a staple tree  in the hill country area of Austin, Texas. A place I once lived in and that continues to inspire me. Nature is a large part of my passion and inspiration for designing. The organic feel that trees and nature provide is direct reflection of the design style and elegance of Clove and Cedar.

At Clove and Cedar Paper Company it is our goal to add to the quality of life’s greatest moments by providing exquisite stationery products that capture life long memories.

Designing is large portion of being a stationer and one of our favorite parts of the process is incorporating the details. The details big or small define each suite and make them feel “like you”. It can be quotes, literature, sentimental pieces, wording choices and/or experiences. Discussing projects with clients and learning about all these small details that paint the whole story is what makes each piece its own. Being able to learn about our clients and creating a personal relationship helps our process to create functional and beautiful solutions.

Clove and Cedar focuses on custom wedding invitations suites and special events. Our personal design interests are simple and elegant typography, pattern/textiles, Splashes of color and hand drawn line art.

A wedding Invitation sets the tone for your wedding day and needs to reflect you as a couple while relaying all the important information.

Let’s work together to create a design that will last forever, and enjoy it as we celebrate these amazing life moments!

Congratulations and Happy Planning!

Jess Schuler Owner and Designer