New Years Eve 2021 | C + C 10 Year Anniversary

New Year’s eve 2021

It always amazes me at the end of the year how fast time goes! In the moments sometimes it feels like it has been dragging on especially the last couple of years has had so many challenges for everyone.

As we prepare for a new year and we are setting our goals, intentions and refocusing on what’s important remember to be kind to others and yourself. I love reflecting on the year to see how my goals and intentions went, what exceeded my expectations, what needs work and of course, the things that were unexpected and not in my control.

I just want to take a moment to wish everyone a beautiful new year!

I am beyond grateful to be able to wake up every day and create art that helps tell stories, love, hardships, special moments of our lives that can be cherished. Being an artist and a graphic designer means more than sitting down and making something. I love capturing the stories and hearts of my clients, customers, friends, the people in our community that make the world so beautiful. Each story is unique, each path we walk and our experiences are different, and being an artist that gets to put each story, personality, and detail into art is something I am very passionate about.

I have been a graphic designer, artist, and wedding invitation designer for TEN YEARS! This year is my designer-versary and a decade of creating meaningful art.

When I sat down to reflect on the year I started counting how long I have been doing this business. My business has had a couple of different names along the way which I am proud of because with each change was personal growth, new chapters in my own life that have defined me as a person, a business owner, and a mother.

I have almost a 4-year-old daughter that has been the greatest gift.I love deeper than I ever thought I could and she has made me want to be a better person in every way. I want to show her that you can do anything and I want to be a strong female role model for her. If you never take a chance you will never know unless you try. Not every journey works out but I do believe that if you never try you will never grow.

When I started out I had bachelors in graphic design and no business experience. I just wanted to do something that I had a passion for. I started in a garage in San Diego and Ten years later I am so glad I dove in headfirst knowing that I had no idea what I was doing but was eager to learn and figure it out.

I want to tell everyone who has and who continues to support me THANK YOU! Every vendor who gave me a shot and trusted me saw the potential and drive. Every client who has trusted me with your wedding stationery and creating a unique brand for your special events, wedding days, birthday celebrations, celebrations of life, engagement announcements, personalized mementos. Your love and support has kept me learning +

growing as a business and a person.

Each client has taught me something valuable and THANK YOU for opening up and sharing your stories with me. I am so grateful for each one of you over the last decade and I can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store. THANK YOU to everyone who shares my content, my stories, my clients and loves me for being me. I feel lucky to be able to be true to myself and have clients, friends, friendors that all love to come together to make special life moments as beautiful as we can make them. This community has shown me so much love and I am so proud to be a small part of it!

Here are some of my favorite highlights from this year!I hope you all have a wonderful New Year! Love you all!