Love is Love

Thanksgiving week is here and although things might look a little different I am wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving. I feel that it has been hard to find things to look forward to. But I try my best to be grateful for so many things.

I have had so many emotions over the last few months and it inspired me to share my feelings and thoughts. As we all know everyone has been affected by these tragic and trying times. Our sense of comfort, community, love, self-care, stress, jobs, children, loved ones, and daily routines have been turned upside down. The enormity of the situations has only grown and each month as we have sheltered in place we feel more and more disconnected and uncertain of when our new normal will reveal itself.

One thing that I keep telling myself is love is greater than any hardship. Love is a lifestyle and mental place that is more powerful than uncertainty and fear.

As individuals, we all share many emotions of stress, fear, sadness, loss, struggle and pain but the beautiful gift that life has given us is that no matter the negative it can be balanced (of course over time, not always immediate as people all have different journeys and times to process and heal) but to come together and find comfort and love.

I have always been a person who loved and understood that diversity makes humanity beautiful! We are made to be exactly who we are and true to ourselves. We all offer a special piece in this life puzzle and we all want to be happy with ourselves, accepted by others, and just free to enjoy this life for as long we have here. If everyone focused on that and stepped away from judgment and criticism, we would have a deeper community than ever and an even more beautiful world to share.


I shout this from the mountain tops from equality and love to loving yourself and loving others. Love is love is a daily reminder to me that we all take a lot on emotionally, physically for work, kids, lifestyle, and trying to find the balance. I want to remind everyone to be gentle on themselves. We all spend our days hustling and balancing enormous routines and you know what we do awesome! One thing that I have learned and will be a constant practice is to love yourself.

We often forget to give ourselves credit for everything we do and how much we give. Love is Love can mean many things to each person and very different things but I wanted to make sure everyone remembers to take a breath and love themselves. Give time to what your needs are and take less on for a minute. Take time to reflect and be in the moments. I have had so much time with my daughter and although some days were hard to not have a small break, the moments and memories I have been able to share are things I will cherish forever.

We need more than ever to rely on our friends, family, neighbors, and our community of people to love each other, have compassion, accept our differences, and let everyone be true to themselves. It takes a village to raise a kid, lift people up, make our world go round, and make it a better place. Remember no one is meant to do it all by themselves. Our community never ceases to amaze me but this is the kind of love that can always be spread more!

Say it out loud!


We all need love and support and we are doing awesome!

Thank you to our community of essential workers and selfless acts that have shown a daily commitment to be there for everyone! Thank you to friends, family, and loved ones for continuing to be there and lifting us up when we are down. We all need a support system and we all need a reminder to keep our heads up.