Hello 2019!

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a wonderful year full of love and happiness.

New Year is always a bittersweet event. It is a fun and festive event to celebrate a year gone by and to reflect on with your family and friends. I must admit I love all of that and celebrating a year of learning, goals, accomplishments, growing, and surviving the ups and downs life throws at us! On the other side of all the festivities, there is a certain feeling of hesitation to a new year because time goes so fast. To look back and know that another chapter is closing is rewarding and is intimidating. The beautiful thing is as one chapter closes a new one begins. I remember back in high school when those 4 years seemed like an eternity before you could move out of the house, make bigger decisions on your own and be more independent. Ever Since the age of 21 has come and gone time seems only to go faster. We all go through this in some way. To look back and see 2 years have gone by since I announced I was pregnant with our little girl is mind-blowing. She is about to turn one and begin walking!

I reflect on 2018 as a beautiful year and one that I have grown the most from in more than one way. Motherhood has been my biggest lesson so far but I have grown as a person and as a business owner. I look back at the 2018 weddings and they all hold a very special place in my heart. I love meeting my couples and making personal relationships with them. As a vendor, they are letting us be part of their love story and they need to make sure that we are a good fit for them. Trusting and feeling comfortable with your vendors is very important. We are all here to make sure our clients’ visions come to life for one of the biggest moments in their life.

I love being able to be part of these wonderful moments. As a designer, I had many different avenues to take and I get asked a lot why I chose what I did for my career path. Honestly, the answer is pretty simple, Because I love people and I love contributing something so beautiful and positive into the world. A Wedding Invitation is very personal and is about bringing people together with love! With so many things in life that can be negative or create hardship, I love being able to design products that make people happy. It may sound a little cheesy but Love is so important for us as people. It teaches so much and love is very powerful. I wanted to make sure that no matter what I chose that I did it with my whole heart! Life is short and I want to do things that bring happiness to me and others. I have a passion for designing and I care a lot about my clients.

When the New Year comes around it is a wonderful time to reflect on your accomplishments, lesson learned and to also make goals for the upcoming year. I find that maybe all the goals I was hoping to achieve weren’t completely fulfilled and that motivates me the upcoming year to push myself harder. It is good to be able to see the wonderful things and to be able to see things that could use improvement.

This year I have made my personal and business goals and I couldn’t be more excited to watch them unfold. Stationery is something that I am passionate about and my biggest business motto is to keep designing and pushing the envelope to create things that are outside the box. Creativity is a beautiful thing. Creativity doesn’t only mean you’re an artist or a designer, creativity can be interpreted in many ways. Take this year to create something in your life that wasn’t there such as taking more time for yourself, try something new, meet new people, pick up the paintbrush even it’s been forever, rekindle a friendship, make a new routine. Whatever your way of creating is to do what makes you happy and don’t let anyone discourage you from the things that matter. This new year is your new chapter that has not been written yet so write the story and live the life you want!

Thank you to all my friends, vendors and clients who made 2018 a memorable year! I look forward to what 2019 has in store! Here are some of my favorites from 2018.