Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope ya’ll have a wonderful holiday. There are so many ways to celebrate this day whether it’s with your family and friends and you’re having a feast or you are volunteering to help others or just spending the day relaxing. Thanksgiving isn’t about what you’re doing but spending the time with people that matter to you and reflecting on the all blessings you have.

Even through tragedy, heartbreak and fear we have hope and we have each other to lean on and guide us through. These support systems are crucial and I am thankful that our community can take care of each other. So many people just need a simple hug or a smile and that act of kindness can change their whole day and give them a feeling of happiness.

Just remember that this moment is your life and when you look back it might just be a huge life moment so be present and enjoy the company, laughs and the memories.

This year is always a fun time for Love Notes. I love being able to design some holiday cards and make thanksgiving menus, place cards and just creating some new designs that I may not have time to work on throughout the year. Stationery may seem as small part to décor and accessories whether it is your wedding or holiday designs but stationery is one of those details that can make something truly have personality. For the holidays, I love doing odd shapes or oversized menus. Jumbo gift tags with chiffon ribbon for your menus are fun. You can use large gift tags for your save the dates, if you’re doing a Christmas tree you can have quotes, names and so on printed and hang them on your tree. You can make custom tags for the holiday presents.

Stationery is just a lot of fun to design and to see where we can add some creative fonts and paper elements. You never know where I will try to use custom stationery. I Have added some Images of menus and holiday inspirations.

This year my husband and I have a lot to be thankful for. We will be coming up on 5 years together and 3 years married in May and we welcomed are baby girl this year! You never realize how much you can love until you have your baby. The minute she was born I couldn’t love her anymore and yet every day I seem to love more and more. There are many parts of being a new parent that are difficult but we wouldn’t want it any other way. After almost 10 months we are in a routine and feel much more acclimated. She is perfect and she keeps us laughing all the time. My favorite thing is when she looks at us and smiles big and just talks to us with no real words. I think my husband’s favorite part is at night he feeds her and when she is sleepy she just lays her head on his shoulder and he can’t get enough!

We are thankful for family and great friends, a healthy beautiful little girl and to have each other. I love the story we create every day and I try to slow down and enjoy it all because even through the busy of us working, owning a business, being individuals, spouses and parents we realize that we will never be caught up on house work, work or being a parent but this is our life and it is pretty amazing. I am Thankful for all the wonderful vendors that I get to work with and the friends I have made. I am thankful for the clients that keep Love Notes going and let me be part of their love story. Congratulations to all my clients this year and thank you for your support. I wish everyone a beautiful day spent with those they care about with love, passion and gratitude.