Florals in your Wedding Stationery

Invitations and wedding stationery products are thought of as just paper elements, but even though that is the main component that makes up a stationery suite your paper can be so much more. Stationery products whether it is event paper or wedding paper have multiple functions, they need to give you all the important details while giving a glimpse into the formality, style, vibe, and colors of the event.

Each stationery suite tells a story that creates an experience. You can have the same design created and printed 100 times but based on everyone’s individual story they look and feel completely unique.

Sometimes people think that adding “embellishments” is easy, just plop them into the design your designer has worked hard on wherever it will fit. When I say “embellishments” I mean things like wax seals, flowers, string, ribbon, unique shaped paper, logos, and more. I personally do not love calling them embellishments with the idea that they are add-ons. I categorize these elements as the main design choices. If you know from the beginning that you need to have a wax seal or ribbon that not only is very helpful information, but it is usually what a designer will use while they are creating concepts to design around those choices and incorporate a matching flow with those selections. These kinds of elements are what will actually guide your designer to create with those as the main pieces.

I am going to share one of my favorite design elements within a stationery design.


When you think of florals for a wedding or event, most people think of floral bouquets and floral arrangements. I also think of these things as wedding flowers are showstoppers and create such a beautiful presence in a wedding. This idea has actually made me fall in love with bringing more florals into my designs and paper products.

Florals have so many great opportunities within stationery. I love pressed florals on menus, invitations, vow books, and even bar menus that will be framed. Yes, they are delicate, but they make a beautiful presentation. Pressed florals are great because since they are pressed, they are flatter and preserve most of the color. You can also use them with acrylic, table numbers, favors, bar signs, programs, and more. They can be attached or glued to your stationery pieces but still provide a texture and an unexpected design element.

Floral Stems are another amazing way to use florals in your wedding invitations and wedding day products. You can cut slits in your paper to add a real floral stem for menus and or programs. I say for menus mainly, because you can have your florist order extras stems of the florals you would like to use, and have your planner or an amazing friend place stems in your menus once they are placed on the tables, and they won’t get damaged in the mail.

You can also wrap real stems with a vellum wrap around a menu, you can use a floral stem with a place card in a favor cup, you can create a seating chart with cards that have different florals stems tapped with a pretty boutique tape on each card to make art piece statement, you can place real floral stems on top of your menu in the napkin.

Wax Seal Florals

Another favorite of mine is combining the first two options with a wax seal. When you have a designer creating wax seals for you by placing a floral on your paper product, then creating a wax seal directly on the floral stem adds such elegance and a finishing touch, that is actually a thought-through design choice.

When designing and deciding on what direction you want to move forward, keep in mind that elements like flowers, wax seals, and other design elements are not last-minute additions. They are key components to your overall design and need the most attention in the design process! Have fun with your design process and be creative, your designer will give you the guidelines and suggestions on things that will work and things that won’t, so don’t hold back on the creativity and ideas!