Exciting News | My Etsy Store is Live

I am so excited to share some big news! For the past few months, I have been working on product lines to put in my Etsy store. I have been doing custom invitations for 10 years and I have loved each product and every client!  I am so grateful for each one of my clients who let me be a small piece of their story and who have helped me build mine! Doing custom invitations is a beautiful thing but your clients make the dream happen. You can have great design skills and customer service but if you do not have the clients it won’t matter!

I will continue to take on wedding invitation projects though I am only taking on a small amount each year. I am so grateful to even be writing this and having this shift in my life is only possible because of the amazing vendors, friends, clients, and support systems I have had on this beautiful journey! Thank you to all of the people who took a chance on me. I know that it’s hard for a newly skilled person to have doors open for you but just remember don’t get discouraged and keep going. If it is a dream let that fuel your passion and motivation.

4 years ago I had my amazing daughter and things shifted in work a little as time went on I loved my job but I also wanted to spend more time with my daughter. I took a little less work and found some products and projects that I loved to work on and let that guide me into the next chapter. When covid hit there weren’t as many projects due to the lack of weddings and I again decided that this showed me that another shift was coming. Pivoting is a wonderful thing!

Every part of my journey has taught me new things and brought new experiences.  Every stage has helped me grow as a person and a business owner, it taught me how to be better at problem-solving and the fact change is consistent and flexible.

I had so many designs and ideas and different products that were kind of sitting around after years of creating designs for stationery and I was like what do I do with all this? Then last November I had an opportunity to design some artwork for one of Property Brother’s shows and I was so excited.

That experience was the final piece that motivated me to make more art and product lines for Etsy. Why would I sit around with all these ideas and designs when they can be a huge part of the business. I loved it because it was a moment of clarity and I sat down and printed tons of products and took thousands of photos. 5 months later I have built product categories that will continuously grow!

I have designed a shop with a variety of products ranging from personalized products to custom digital downloads, laser cut items, and home décor with the idea of bridging the gap between quality custom designs, convenience, and something for everyone.

Last year I was also invited to open a shop on Creative Market to have the opportunity to sell graphics, art, and mockups. I love deckled paper which I will have a blog all about that a different day but, deckled paper is a handmade torn cotton paper that is stunning! I was in school for photography way before I became a graphic designer and I have taken photo bundles of styled deckled paper mockups for other stationers to purchase and use for social media or client presentations.

I am so excited for the next part of my journey and to be able to share it all with you!

Check the store for all new product lines and I will be sharing all the types of products that are on there over the next few months.