Designing Wedding Invitations and Stationery Products

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share some info about Clove and Cedar! You can create invitations and stationery products in two ways.

1. You can order boutique semi-custom designs through Etsy or me by contacting me directly.
Seasonal featured suites will also be offered on my website shop soon.

These suites are editable in font, color, and layout. If you like a design but need slightly different products
just contact me and a custom price for your needs can be made.

2. A complete custom that will start with a phone consultation and design concepts.

I offer both custom and semi-custom to make it easier for my clients to find the perfect match between the design, the process, their timelines, their budget, and being able to create a creative brand to carry through their wedding day.

Every couple has different stationery needs, numbers, and visions that offering both semi-custom, custom, and everything in between gives us the ability to create a carefully curated proposal for their specific needs without having to make it a custom design.

You can order a semi-custom that can be edited directly off one of my shops, you can choose a base design from our design catalog and have a proposal made for you with exactly what you would like, or if you would like to create something truly unique the custom option is perfect. (for customs we book by first come first serve and availability)

Questions I get asked:

Do you offer more semi-custom suites than what we see online?
~ YES,  I have many designs in a design pdf that I can send to you for you to browse my catalog.

Do they have to stay exactly the way you see them?
~ NO,  they are highly customizable and the designs can also just provide design style and direction. We can combine design elements of multiple designs from our catalog to make one perfect for you.

Do you offer custom elements?
~ YES, we can add custom pockets, wax seals, vellum, dried florals, acrylic, letterpress, and foiling to most designs and layouts.

Does it come in different colors?
~ The answer is YES, most everything we offer has a wide variety of color options.

Do you create the day of stationery?
~YES, I love being able to take a suite all the way through your wedding day providing a consistent and beautiful brand.

Why work with a designer rather than order online?
~ Whether you order online in my shop or through me directly you are also investing in a designer to provide, support, recommendations, ideas, create stationery products rather than just printing stationery products, and who is also there with your best interest in mind to answer questions, proof with you, and create a custom brand for your

Other things that you might now know.
~ We can make a logo, monogram, or design that can be made into a pdf for gobos, custom dance floor logos, photo booths, and more.

~ Any piece that you have seen in my shops can be made into matching pieces for any of your stationery needs and into complete suites.

~ I also make semi-custom vow books for your wedding day with your personalized names and date on the back but if you would like a CUSTOM one made just shoot me an email!

Have a project idea in mind shoot me an email I would love to hear from you!