Deckled Wedding Invitations and Stationery Pieces

Deckled paper is one of my favorite materials to use for wedding invitations and stationery products. If you are unfamiliar with deckled paper this is a handmade paper that comes most commonly in white, a champagne (tan like color), sometimes in a navy or blush, and few other colors depending on the paper maker. This beautiful paper has natural torn edges that make each piece unique and creates a truly custom wedding suite. The deckled paper offers a wonderful texture and depth to your suite. When using this deckled paper, less design is more. The designs that create an elegant or romantic feel are going to be more simple line art designs, typography-based layouts, and more airy font choices.

It is a romantic design choice and style. When deciding on your overall feel the deckled paper is one of the elements that will be a major design choice in your suite and will influence the design direction. If you know you would like deckled paper, in the beginning, telling your designer upfront is important to help define the style and give your stationer a specific direction to start with.

Deckled paper only comes in so many colors and I wanted to be able to do more custom colors and not be stuck with the options provided. So, I have decided to offer custom colors by printing them in full color! This will provide me with the ability to create more dynamic pieces and a more cohesive custom suite for my clients.

When printed in full color on white deckled paper the paper edges are white which, provides a beautiful natural contrast as well as an organic feel. This paper style also does well with silk or chiffon ribbon, wax seals, and envelope liners. These design elements will create a finished look for your wedding suite presentation. Your guest experience will begin with a romantic announcement for your upcoming wedding and provide a suite that is a work of art.

The deckled paper has many uses. It can be used just for the invitation or you can have the entire suite printed on it. You can also bring the design elements into your day-of stationery for gorgeous menus, table numbers, or bar signs, you can even use them for flat place cards. With the ability to print custom full colors we can create something that pops on your table and creates a piece that compliments your tabletop design.

If you love the idea of this unique paper element but would like something in a quicker timeline you can choose a design selection from our semi-custom collection that can be modified in layout, design, and colors to still create a truly unique piece or suite. I will help with the design and layout to work with this specific paper type which has slightly different specifications to make a print successful on this deckled paper.

You can have the same design concepts with minor tweaks, personal info, and different colors and the end products look completely different with their own personality.

Whenever I find myself being stopped by limitations, I like the challenge to figure out a solution to keeping creating custom designs and unique products.

Happy designing and planning and please let me know how I can help you create gorgeous and memorable pieces.

You can have the same design concepts with minor tweaks, personal info, and different colors and the end products look completely different with their own personality