Welcome to Clove and Cedar Design! I am so happy you’re here.

Clove and Cedar is a Graphic Design, Stationery, and Flat Lay Photography Studio focused on creating organic and luxurious designs to brand your event, business, or personal projects. Innovative flat lay and mock-up stationery photos elevate your brand and marketing.

Are you a creative business owner or fellow designer that is looking for products to help your branding, client presentations, social media, catalog design, ads, and more?

I focus on stylized flat lay photography and design bundles for stationery designers and creatives.

When I first began designing wedding stationery I was a young Graphic Designer and started up my own wedding invitation company. Being new, I jumped at every opportunity to build my experience and develop a deep knowledge of my industry. Along the way I have met amazing people, made the best of friends, worked with talented vendors, and partnered with some wonderful clients.

I have some dear friends who always take amazing photos of my projects, and I am so grateful, but if they weren’t shooting the wedding my stationery was at, my photos often lacked the hard work that went into creating them.

I have done a fair share of weddings and styled shoots and I remember how hard I would work on the products to come up with concepts, designs, and the amount of production that went into each piece. I would always be so excited to receive the photo galleries, but in the end, I would end up disappointed. Often-times, the photos were overexposed or were not laid out correctly and looked like an after-thought. Stationery needs just as much attention as all the other details of the event, but is often overlooked.

I know so many amazing photographers that are wonderful people and talented creatives, but shooting stationery is a different art. Over the years I couldn’t always pay for the amazing photographers I wanted to shoot my stationery flat lays, because I needed them almost weekly to shoot new products for social media or my shops.

I come from an educational background in photography, so I decided to brush up on my skills and get more practice by shooting my own photos. Almost 8 years later, I shoot the majority of my own flat lays and products, even if they are going to weddings or shoots, just to be sure I have the photos I need.

I decided to start using my flat lay photography to make flat lay mockups that I could use for client presentations, final proofs and to give a professionally styled look to my art.

I also began making them for social media stories and posts by taking them into illustrator and using the fonts, layouts and messages I wanted, and saving them as JPEGs to use everywhere. The images have so many uses because you can take them into a program, crop them to the appropriate sizes, and use them for marketing, websites, catalogs, social media, Pinterest, client mock-ups and more.

I realized that from one designer/stationer/creative to another, these can be helpful and fun to utilize however you may need! I love the endless possibilities and creating new themes, styles and using a variety of materials and textures. I enjoy using deckled paper for many of my products, as it gives the photos an element of lux.

Shop my collections of flat lay mock-ups and design elements to see all the new bundles and resources for creatives. If you have questions or would like to discuss me shooting a custom flat lay bundle for you, please contact me at Jess@cloveandcedardesign.com