Birthday Celebration at Disneyland | California

This month we celebrated my daughter’s fourth birthday! Time seems to be going faster and faster each year and watching her growing into the person she was made to be is amazing. I wish time would slow down a little but we are soaking up all these wonderful moments while we can.

During the last couple of years of this pandemic we haven’t gone anywhere as most people haven’t, so we took this time to spend as much quality time together as possible and share and teach our daughter about all the places we want to take her so she could learn about them.

It has been great teaching her about the world even at 3-4 years old she is taking the info in small doses but then later she talks about it showing that she is absorbing the information.

We bought her a globe that lights up and have started talking about different countries and places, showing her all the beauty, art, food, and culture around the world.

We wanted to share the wonderful world of Disney with her as she is all into the movies and songs of Disney movies. She loves to dance and do gymnastics every night before bed to Disney songs. We booked the trip hoping there wouldn’t be any more shutdowns or issues. We started showing her videos of Disneyland so she could understand what It was all about which was great because instead of being overwhelmed she knew a little more about what to expect.

We celebrated her actual birthday at Disneyland with friends which was amazing. She hadn’t worn a mask because she didn’t understand it and we live in a place that hadn’t forced that on the kids. I was worried about that but she did amazing and wore it when needed with no problems. We woke up on day two out of the three-day trip and the mask mandate was lifted. It was the best gift we could have asked for. We celebrated Disney with an amazing feeling of normalcy and were able to focus on having a great time with our daughter.

She had an absolute blast! We met all the Disney princesses and did a bunch of rides with her. I think Ariels Grotto was her favorite.We got there first thing when it opened and we rode Ariels ride once as they were asking us to exit to your left she asked if we could ride it again, there was no one in line and we asked to ride it again so we stayed on and we did it 2 more times.

The last time we came through the end where you would get off I just waved my finger in the air to loop it again. They probably thought we were crazy! She would have ridden it 5 more times if she could have. It was nice to get there early and have a lot of the park to ourselves. We rode more rides than I thought we were going to be able to.

On a side note, her favorite princess is Rapunzel but mine is ariel and she hasn’t seen little mermaid but she tells me that ariel is also hers and I can’t have her. Well until you see the movie kid I got you by almost two decades.

The only thing she wanted was a bubble wand and that item was her best friend all trip. She danced all over the park and people were laughing and smiling at her all day. It was magical to watch her just be so happy that nothing else mattered. Even if we did nothing there but walk around she was so happy with her princess dress and her bubble wand! We also took her on her first rollercoaster ride, we spoke to crush and we danced in the disney junior dance party. It has been a while since we were able to put down our phones, computers and noise and just spend quality time with each other!

On the night of her birthday, we had a special dinner to celebrate. Her dad surprised me and her with matching silver mickey necklaces which made her day! She crawled into her stroller while we finished dinner and she curled up with her blanket and her stuffy. Right before she fell asleep she was holding my hand and I sang happy birthday to her as she dozed off with a smile on her face. It just melted my heart. I love being able to share these priceless moments with her and give her the feeling of pure happiness and love.

Happy Birthday, Little One!