40th Birthday – Game of Thrones Shoot

Things have been a little crazy around here and we haven’t had the time we would have liked to spend together. A few years ago we moved from San Diego, our home and the place where are all of our friends and family where to move to Austin Texas. We bought a home out there and started to settle in. Then Covid happened and the world shut down. It was hard because now we were isolated in a new place with no support system and couldn’t be there for the ones we loved.

We had had some unexpected circumstances and we packed up again during the pandemic, sold our house to move to Arizona. We were now closer to home and were able to take a breath while settling in and we were able to put some roots down for us and our daughter.

We have now been here about 9 months and we love it. Back in November, my Husband turned the big 4-0! Originally we were going to have a game of thrones inspired birthday party with our friends, but once we moved and with Covid the possibility of having one was no longer an option. I didn’t want his birthday to come and go and be overlooked with everything going on. I am a person who likes to celebrate life moments in any way I can because life is short and you are never promised tomorrow.

I decided to do a game of thrones inspired photoshoot with some casual photos with him, which he wasn’t thrilled about at first, but I convinced him to just have some fun with me. So maybe it was my birthday present to myself for his birthday. Regardless, he agreed even though he thought was cheesy but I bought a dress and a few props. In my mind, I love photoshoots because you get to be goofy and laugh. You may not know it at the moment but, by doing this you are creating memories besides just the photography but the experience and the feelings of letting go and having fun.

It felt like we haven’t laughed in so long or spent time together. Although through covid we have been able to share so much more time with our daughter that we might not have had, but since life wasn’t in a normal state there was a lot of hardship and sadness for everyone!

I had recently had surgery about 3.5 weeks before this shoot and I was not sure I was going to be up for it, but I was determined to spend time and get outside. I brought heels and my rainbow sandals. We met up with our amazing photographer (Jane in the woods) and we grabbed our things and began a small hike at lost dutchman to get to our photo spots. It is funny to me as people pass us in their hiking gear and here I was in a long red gown, makeup a crystal crown, and high heels in my hand climbing up with one hand for balance. I really enjoy things like this because the stories and memories are great to look back on!

We had a great time getting cozy and laughing through our shoot. Once we got back down to the bottom, we changed clothes into a more casual outfit, which made my husband much more comfortable and we popped a bottle of champagne. Cheers!

Cheers to my husband for another year around the sun. Cheers to him for putting up with me and vice versus but cheers to the love we share through the ups and downs and sometimes we slip but we are always there to catch each other, Cheers to sharing our beautiful daughter and making the most of whatever comes our way. I am grateful for the life we have and the life we continue to create!

Happy big 40th to my husband and thank you for choosing me.
You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars!